eXhilia X© Biography

Art that challenges the concept of impossibility.

 Exhilia X©

Exhilia X© is dedicated to conceptual art practice utilizing thought, digital space and materiality.

2020 Art Theories for Exploration;

Data Philanthropy /Data Empowerment; The intersection between technopolies and humans. Digital equanimity and utopian ideologies about human rights in web environments. Disability,  race, equality, the human body and belonging.  Critical Theory as a form of art, autonomous action and self ownership.

 @exhilia.art on IG

California Arts Council Arts and Disability Access recipient 2019 & 2020

Poetry and Visual Art academically published by Windward Literary Review 2019.

Practicing Yogini.

May the justice meet us where we took our stand.


Art Made in Exile

Exhilia aka Artist X©

born and raised in Oakland, California