eXhilia X© Biography

Art that challenges the concept of impossibility.

 Exhilia X©

Exhilia X© is dedicated to conceptual art practice utilizing materiality, installation, performance, dance, 3 dimensional sculpture, canvas, textile, sewing, ceramic sculpture, painting, wood, metal fabrication, exploring quantum biology,  microbiota composition of human consciousness and theoretical models of 4th dimension.

The unrelenting artistic quest for the progression of humanity through existential examination and unrestricted creative works.

Embracing and challenging the human collective consciousness, colonial systems, artistic process. The interaction between now and then, time and place.


2020 Art Online Series Exploration; Data Philanthropy /Data Empowerment; The intersection between technopolies and humans. Digital equanimity and utopian ideologies about Artist economic rights in web environments @exhilia.art on IG


Oakland Art Murmur Artist with multiple shows, installations and Gallery residencies 2010-2020

CAC Arts and Access grant recipient 2019.

Poetry and Visual Art academically published by Windward Literary Review 2019.

YBCA grant recipient 2020.

Mixed Media Installation 2020 submission accepted by

DeYoung Museum, San Francisco.

San Francisco Art Institute Portfolio Merit Scholarship Awardee 2018.

Mills College Studio Art Scholarship 2020.


May the justice meet us where we took our stand.


Art Made in Exile

Exhilia also known as Artist X©

 American Indigenous and American African,


Non Binary,


born and raised in Oakland, California


dragon heart 2